Message from the President

ISHIDA MEDICAL CO., LTD. was spun off from weighing and packaging equipment manufacturer ISHIDA CO., LTD. and was established in April 2020 as a medical equipment manufacturer.

To date, the ISHIDA Group has applied its unique technologies and know-how cultivated in the food manufacturing and retailing industries to the medical and pharmaceutical fields, including weighing, counting and inspection equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes at pharmaceutical companies, outpatient guidance solutions at medical institutions, and destination displays in the dispensing field, contributing to the automation and labor saving of each field.

The medical field in Japan is facing a serious shortage of human resources due to a declining birthrate and aging population and a declining productive workforce, a problem similar to that faced by developed countries around the world.

We will contribute to the health of people all over the world by making the medical field more labor-saving and efficient with our innovative products, while at the same time collecting, analyzing and utilizing vital signs data for diagnosis and disease prediction.

Yoshito Kunisaki