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ISHIDA MEDICAL CO.,LTD. is a medical device business company of the ISHIDA Group.

ISHIDA CO.,LTD. was founded in 1893 as the first private sector manufacturer of scales, providing automated and labor-saving equipment for weighing, packaging, and inspection, and is a leading company in weighing systems in more than 100 countries around the world, mainly in the fields of food, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food retailing.

ISHIDA Medical will continue to utilize our unique technology and know-how in the medical field.

The Three Promises of ISHIDA MEDICAL

Solving On-Site Problems

We identify operational issues in the medical field where manpower shortages are progressing, and create solutions that lead to automation, labor saving, and efficiency, thereby shifting medical professionals to more important and safer jobs.

Utilize Connected Data

In addition to advanced bio-measurement and biometric sensing functions, we will develop a business equipped with connected devices that can be connected to information networks and the information infrastructure to connect and integrate them.

Simple, Easy to Understand and Clean

We strive for high performance, high precision products with user-friendly design, simple operation and easy-to-clean construction.

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